For Woodworking and Furniture Industry

PT. Ekamant Indonesia provided original imported EKAMANT coated abrasives from EKAMANT AB SWEDEN, our Head Quarter in Sweden.

These EKAMANT abrasives produced with high quality and technology and best for furniture and woodworking industry.

Ekamant coated abrasives was unique in the world when first launched antistatix abrasives material in 1975, named Antistatex.

No. Type Form Grit Range Grain Backing Application
1 EKA1000F Wide Belt,Narrow Belt & Disc 40-240 Alox F Paper Wood Sanding, Metal Sanding, Leather Sanding
2 EKA1000E Wide Belt,Narrow Belt & Disc 320-400 Alox E Paper Wood Sanding, Metal Sanding, Leather Sanding
3 RKEO Wide Belt,Narrow Belt & Disc 40-400 Alox E Paper Wood sanding
4 EKA 3001 N (Active Filler) Wide Belt,Narrow Belt 240-1200 Sil.cab E Paper Lacquer sanding
5 EKA3001 Wide Belt,Narrow Belt 180-400 Sil.cab E Paper Lacquer sanding,Wood Sanding
6 EKASILVER (Active Filler) Sheet 9 x 11” 120-400 Sil.cab A Paper Lacquer sanding,Wood Sanding
7 EKABLUE Disc,Roll 60-600 Alox B Paper Wood sanding
8 RKXO Wide Belt,Narrow Belt 24-400 Alox Cotton Wood sanding, Metal Sanding
9 RKJFO Roll 4”x50M,Narrow Belt 60-800 Alox Extra Flex. Wood sanding, Metal Sanding
10 RKJFON (Active Filler) Narrow Belt,Roll 80-400 Alox Extra Flex. Lacquer sanding, Metal Sanding
11 EKAFLEX Narrow Belt,Roll 60-400 Alox Extra Flex. Wood sanding
12 EKABLACK Wide Belt,Roll 80-240 Sil Extra Flex. Wood sanding, Metal Sanding